Addiction to Money – How to deal with it

money bwThe addiction to money is more lethal than addiction to intoxicants. Money is an intoxicant by itself. Have some of it – the joy will last within minutes, then it makes you suffer. Have lots of it, everything is just tasteless, you will suffer more even before spending it. Lose it or reject it – you are done! When you are hooked – you are hooked deep, that’s the bad news. The good news is, that you are not alone. There are at least one billion people all over the world that suffer the same fate as you.

First thing! Acknowledge and  admit that you are addicted to it. Denial and pride will not get you anywhere, except deeper. Admitting to the addiction is not a sign of weakness – it’s a sign of smartness.

Second, commit to yourself that you are going to solve this issue once and for all!

Third, do some self diagnosis through some basic accounting. Put the amount of income on one column, and the amount of your regular spending on another column. Sum them, and answer this question:

  • Is your income greater than your spending or
  • is it less then what you spend? 

For the case of the former, then you still have a chance. If the case were the latter, then I ask how can it be? How can you spend more than you earn? Check again, perhaps there are some income sources that you somehow have forgotten to put. Or perhaps there are same nature of expenses that were put more than once. There is no other logical explanations than that. Put everything, legal or illegal. Remember, you have admitted that you have a problem and committed to seek a way to remedy it.

If you have make it this far, then you have reached as far as I have gone. I too am hooked and working my way out. Therefore, further instructions shall be provided after verification of work-ability.


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