It is about (more) Money



When I was very young and naive, a question had been flashing on my mind every time I see grownups going forth and back from a place called “work.” I asked myself, does it have to be like that? From Mondays to Fridays, sometime Saturdays. From morning until evening. Going to “work.” But, taking that phenomena for granted, I had not pursued for any answer.

Time passed and I got bigger, I realized that people need to earn money to live. I asked again, does everyone need to work to earn money? Again, taking the fact of earning money as granted, I had not sought for any answer. After all, if it was about money, all I have to do is ask. Sometimes I got money and sometimes I did not. Big deal.

This ignorance continued until I was married and have to live by ourselves. Only then, to my amazement, I realized that somehow I have to earn money to take care of me and those dependent on me. Still, big deal, I found a job that regularly pays me money. Life had gone okay, until it felt that what I was earning had not been enough to put (descent) meal on the table, for me, a wife and a lovely daughter. I (still) had to rely on my parents and my parents-in-law, for a decent meal, decent clothing, and means of transport. But still, big deal.

After I had obtained my undergraduate diploma – I seek for another job. This time, I had better find one that can pay enough money for me, my wife and my children (already got two of them) – to enjoy the basic descent nourishing meal everyday, to get descent clothing, and means of private transport. And I did find one and went on 7-years with it, no complaints.

After that, I realized that besides meals, clothing and means of private transport; I need a bigger TV, louder Hi-Fi and a smaller mobile-phone – the Ericsson 337. And most importantly I want a house. Well, I already got a house, rented at a very descent yearly increasing price. But it is not ours – it’s a home but not a house. Why do I need a house, anyway? I don’t really know, but it just doesn’t feel right when friends and people around you are aiming for the same, and I am the only one not.

So, I quit my 7-years already job with a severance check enough to sustain me for 4-months to think. Thinking of what am I going to do after the 4-months salary is gone. But then I think again, what was it that had made me quit my job in the first place? Oh, it was for a better paying job so that I can buy a house for my family.

To make a long story short, only by the Grace of the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful – I got the money for all of those that I thought I need to have, plus some more. So the story should end here, then?

To my horror, the story here is still pushing me for more (money). As I and the wife got older, weaker, my kids are grown-ups, I still need money, even much more than it used to be. So where does the story end? The day I bite the dust? Yeah, okay – but then seasons of similar story would be also for other people out there. It is all about money.

Now I wonder, what is money anyway that we have become so dependent on that thing? Can we live without them – decently of course (I’ve seen stray dogs and cats, not having any money nor having to work, but they keep showing up fatter every year, until somebody snatch them for whatever purpose). Money is addictive, even when I don’t take it intravenously.


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