Ramadhan in Amsterdam

During first day of Ramadhan this year, a friend from Amsterdam came to visit. He was telling me of the courage of his 11-years old son to endure full fasting for the first time. He compared the long 19-hours from fajr until sunset in his home town with the 13-hours I have here in Jakarta. I told him casually to get his family to stay in Jakarta every Ramadhan. He just laughed at my answer. We both did.

Thinking back upon that conversation, I looked at the prayer times table for Amsterdam. I saw that the longest day-times are in summer, which is around 19-hours, and the shortest are in winter (December end) which is almost 9-hours. Taking note of this, then the shortest fasting hours for those who live in the Northern hemisphere would be when Ramadhan coincides with December, and that will be in 2029-2033. Well, his son is well off spending his youth days to endure the long hours of fasting for the next 10-year or so, so that afterwards he’ll enjoy a 9-hours fasting with 15-hours of night when he fast in 2029-2033.

“A walk in the park.” my friend said.


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