Shamans in Business Dress

In current day fierce business competition with so many uncertainties, people of business are constantly seeking for answers, as if to find the right spell to succeed if not merely to survive. They sometimes turn to the academia for answers, but sometimes also to the ones that have already a prominent status of success. Theodore Levitt…


You Should Not Mix Business with Friendship

Friendship and Business are different process with different purpose. Mixing them can be advantageous, but can also jeopardizing to friendship – a relation that can not be quantified and so invaluable. Some extra measures have to be taken if we value friendship above business.

Simple Words, Please!

“A man thinks that by mouthing hard words he understands hard things.” For all I know about writing, it is a mean to an end. A mean to convey a message, that contains things; be it idea; criticism toward something, or anything else – in a process called communication. The message is put on writing,…