Simple Words, Please!

“A man thinks that by mouthing hard words he understands hard things.”

For all I know about writing, it is a mean to an end. A mean to convey a message, that contains things; be it idea; criticism toward something, or anything else – in a process called communication.

The message is put on writing, and the intention is for the reader to understand and to make a choice in how to react based on it. Be it to ignore, immediately take action, or to think through what the message have conveyed. The message is for the recipient, not the emitter – this is the essence of communication.

A writing can be considered amusing, and the outcome may make you smile or even laugh. The reaction, which is the outcome, will depend on the message. The message – the writing, contains words composed as such by the writer that it will drive a particular outcome from the reader. The indicator of success of any writing is that the outcome from the reader is as the writer had intended it to be when he wrote it

This article started with a quote paraphrased from a line by one of the characters in Herman Melville’s “White Jacket” :

“a man of true science uses but few hard words, and those only when none other will answer his purpose; whereas the smatterer in science thinks, that by mouthing hard words, he proves that he understands hard things.”

So I start with the above quote in mind, to convey a message to the readers:


I assume:

  • Blog readers are looking for an information about something.
  • They want a short one, because they want to read it fast.
  • They want an easy one, because they want web surfing to be a casual experience not a brain wrecking one.
  • Therefore, blog readers want a short and easy to understand article.

Are the above correct, please tell me what do you think.


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