Shamans in Business Dress

DSC_0981 (3)

In current day fierce business competition with so many uncertainties, people of business are constantly seeking for answers, as if to find the right spell to succeed if not merely to survive. They sometimes turn to the academia for answers, but sometimes also to the ones that have already a prominent status of success.

Theodore Levitt in his classic book “Marketing Imagination” had described this act of seeking answers to the expert  in a very satiric way:

Those who answer professionally, with neatly engineered formulas, elegant strategic paradigms, and finely honed analytical techniques are sure to get an audience in this world of great uncertainty, profound ambiguity, and intense competition. Thus the ubiquity of shamans in business dress.

Whereas he mentioned that advise from those who have arrived in the state of success are merely telling a story of his journey, without any idea of scientific grounds of why he had done it in the first place. But after all, you just can’t argue with success.

Even as he stated that it had not been his intention to undermine the academia professors, but the latter must sit down with the previous to both arrive in a conclusion without each trying to compromise on something. After all the academias are observers of a picture from outside of its frame.

Successful people must also have the heart to admit that his current state is merely a point of fate. Success is not attributed to mere hard work and passion only, it has its requirements and processes.


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