What is The Purpose of Life?

The question itself is contextually inaccurate. Life as it is, is centralized on us being humans. Therefore, it is appropriate to rephrase the question: “What is our Purpose?” Or better yet, we can ask “What is our purpose in life?” Some are clueless, some take it for granted, some are fanatics and fundamentalist, some are just too practical.

A metaphor may be useful as an appetizer to the whole issue. The best and most accurate answer we can get about our car is from the manufacturer. In the general form it may be on the user manual. The specifics case-by-case we can get answers from the customer service of the manufacturer. For technical issues, we may get answers from the customer technical consultant (some manufacturer do have this) – either direct or through some media. In short, ask the manufacturer. There is no way an automobile can be launched in the market while the manufacturer neglected to accompany it with a User Manual. There has to be a manual of some sort.

So, if the above were true. Who is the manufacturer of humans?

Seek and ye will find. Just make sure that it’s an authentic answer, not here say nor untested assumptions.

This is one :





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