What is The Purpose of Life?

The question itself is contextually inaccurate. Life as it is, is centralized on us being humans. Therefore, it is appropriate to rephrase the question: “What is our Purpose?” Or better yet, we can ask “What is our purpose in life?” Some are clueless, some take it for granted, some are fanatics and fundamentalist, some are…


You Should Not Mix Business with Friendship

Friendship and Business are different process with different purpose. Mixing them can be advantageous, but can also jeopardizing to friendship – a relation that can not be quantified and so invaluable. Some extra measures have to be taken if we value friendship above business.

Simple Words, Please!

“A man thinks that by mouthing hard words he understands hard things.” For all I know about writing, it is a mean to an end. A mean to convey a message, that contains things; be it idea; criticism toward something, or anything else – in a process called communication. The message is put on writing,…


Ramadhan in Amsterdam

During first day of Ramadhan this year, a friend from Amsterdam came to visit. He was telling me of the courage of his 11-years old son to endure full fasting for the first time. He compared the long 19-hours from fajr until sunset in his home town with the 13-hours I have here in Jakarta. I told him casually to get his family…


How to Start A Successful Business

Business is about dealing with the future. And the only thing we know about the future is that we don’t know anything about it and that it would be different, as Peter F. Drucker have said. The future is uncertain. Had the future be certain, than there is no need for entrepreneurs and thus businesses. When…


The Custodian

The teaching of Al-Islam is complete. All things that shall take us close to Heaven and shall take as far from Hell, are there. One of them is Leadership. Along with leadership comes responsibility. Leaders are basically Custodians, Care-Takers.


Rawon – Exotically Testing your Destiny

One of my favourite traditional East Java dish: Rawon. On the picture above, it’s in the left most bowl with the dark coloured soup. Rawon is actually a beef stew soaked in a dark golden soup of keluwek or Pangium edule fruit extract. This dish is best served hot with rice, chilli sauce, kerupuk, fried tempe or tempeh, some salted boiled duck…